DataLoss Eye Candy – Enhance Your Message

October 31, 2016

It is still important to deliver messages that influence…

Good visuals have a way of imprinting, and of adding context that sticks with a good argument.

A collection of researchers, along with some design & coding help just released an update to their “World’s Biggest Data Breaches” graphic.  It uses color, size, location along a timeline, and additional interactive data to document selected data loss greater than 30,000 records between 2004 and October 2016.

It seems like one of those resources that will be useful in a number of contexts.  [For example: Have you ever been asked “Why do I have to change my password — again…?  — One answer: Because in a world where humans too often reuse passwords across systems, passwords are no longer ‘durable.’  Look at this illustration to see how many have been stolen over the last decade…]

Use it to help goose up your risk management stories: .


“World’s Biggest Data Breaches — Selected losses greater than 30,000 records.”
(updated 15th Oct 2016 Version 1.095)
Research: Miriam Quick, Ella Hollowood, Christian Miles, Dan Hampson; Design & concept: David McCandless; Code: Tom Evans.

A static version from early 2015:

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