Targeted Phishing Still Works – Resistance is Critical

As many have been reporting today, one of Snapchat’s employees was recently targeted by online criminals who convinced them that they were the company’s CEO.
Then what?
In response to the targeted phish, the employee emailed a copy of some company payroll details to what they hoped was their CEO.  As a result, a number of Snapchat’s workers have had their identities compromised [not Snapchat’s millions of users].
Still, and too often, social engineering works…
Members of any Financial Services workforce need to resist this force all day, every day.
In this 4 minute video, Graham Cluley outlines how this can happen and how employees might reconsider breaking the rules.
His final guidance can be summarized as: “It’s okay to say no.”
He is an entertaining presenter and his message is completely applicable to any Financial Services work environment.
Take a break for this 4 minute security reminder:
 Snapchat Apology:
VIDEO: “Snapchat data breach shows that sometimes it’s good to say no to your CEO. — Do you mind just sending over the payroll database?”
By Graham Cluley, February 29, 2016

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