Symantec Report Highlights Hidden Lynx Threat to Financial Services Enterprises

Last week researchers at security vendor Symantec released a whitepaper attempting to describe the nature and activities of a group of advanced, professional attackers working out of China, dubbed the Hidden Lynx team.

They report that Hidden Lynx offers a ‘hackers for hire’ operation that has stayed busy the last four years stealing specific information from a wide range of corporate targets.  Symantec says that Hidden Lynx activities display skill-sets far above some other attack groups also operating out of China — for example the Comment Crew (aka APT1) — and adds that they are “breaking into some of the best-protected organizations in the world.”

Hidden Lynx has targeted hundreds of organizations worldwide since November 2011.  Financial services organizations (not commercial banks) have been the vertical targeted most often by this group, amounting to almost 25% of the top 10 targeted industries.  In that same period, they also hit targets in United States almost 53% of the time.

Symantec’s analysis suggests that Hidden Lynx is “tasked with obtaining very specific information that could be used to gain competitive advantages… It is unlikely that this organization engages in processing or using the stolen information for direct financial gain.”

When Symantec looked at Hidden Lynx’s large scale attacks, the focus on Financial Services increased, amounting to 30% of their attacks.

The key conclusion offered by Symantec is that “cyber-espionage campaigns are becoming increasingly common,” and that “these attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated.”

We can take steps to help resist attacks like those by Hidden Lynx keeping valuable information from falling into their hands. The key is to take those steps! Work with your information security consultants.  Protect all endpoints, yours included, from malware.  Use ‘safe’ web filtering services. Train your workforce to resist social engineering through all communications channels, including your browser.  Incorporate secure software practices into all of your business application investments.  Insist on secure infrastructure configurations and practices.


“Hidden Lynx – Professional Hackers for Hire.”
By Stephen Doherty, Jozsef Gegeny, Branko Spasojevic, and Jonell Baltazar.
Version 1.0 – Sept 17, 2013

“Hidden Lynx – Professional Hackers for Hire.”
17 Sept 2013

“Hidden Lynx and MSS protection.”
18 Sept 2013


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