Are You Better Prepared than Nasdaq?

Are You Prepared to Explain Why Your Enterprise Is Better Prepared than Nasdaq?

The value of any financial services corporation’s brand depends, in part, upon individual, investor, marketer, other intermediary, investor, analyst, and regulator faith that the corporation is effectively protecting the sensitive information and financial assets from abuse.

When the Wall Street Journal publishes “big” stories about successful hacking of major financial services institutions — like Nasdaq in this case — it seems reasonable to assume some of your customers, partners, investors, analysts, Board members, and more will have concerns about your capabilities to resist the same types of attacks.

This WSJ story is getting reflected throughout the press and beyond.  Additional facts about the situation are also being published — Reuters reported that an Internet-facing application vulnerability may have played a role, and the NYT reported that it was Nasdaq’s Director’s Desk, which is used by corporations, including their boards of directors, to store and share information.  After the original reports, Nasdaq revealed that the problem involved malware found in Director’s Desk, which had 5000 users…  It seems prudent for you to take the time to glance through these articles, think about your current situation and your plans, and then use some of the article content to prepare targeted communications about this issue in the context of your operations.

One key target population will likely be decision-makers throughout each line of business in your enterprise.  Unless your corporation is dramatically above the norm, you need to invest in exploiting opportunities like these.  It is time again to craft and deliver resources aimed at helping support better-informed decision-making about risk-appropriate investments in measures to protect information and financial assets, and supporting operations.

Updated 02-05-2011, 22:33, adding information about Director’s Desk.


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