Worm in Social Networks Again

Social networking sites have been a favorite for malicious code and injection attacks.

A worm that hit Facebook last year has resurfaced and is now hijacking user accounts — not only for that social networking service, but also for MySpace, Friendster, LiveJournal and others.

The Koobface worm is again hijacking user accounts on Facebook bebo.com, Friendster, fubar.com, hi5.com, LiveJournal, MySpace, myYearbook, Netlog and Tagged.

Trend Micro named it “Koobface.az,” and said that the worm, rifles through a compromised PC, sniffs out browser cookies associated with 10 different social networking sites, uses the usernames and passwords within those cookies to log on to each service, searches for the infected user’s friends, and then sends those people messages that include a link to the worm.

Many businesses appear to want to inject themselves into the fabric of social networking sites in order to better connect with their customers.  This should be a reminder that these sites represent a risk profile not usually found in corporate environments.

— References —

More at: http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&taxonomyName=security&articleId=9128842&taxonomyId=17&intsrc=kc_top

and TrendMicro http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyclo/default5.asp?VName=WORM_KOOBFACE.AZ&VSect=T


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