Schneier on the Impacts of Information Persistence

In a post that I have recently updated a couple times, I argue that there is material risk associated with doing business on Facebook because the social network has claimed ownership of any information and content you host there.  That information and content will remain stationary while your corporation continues to evolve.  Over time, the spread between the two may represent a material risk to your brand.

In a post yesterday, Bruce Schneier wrote about “Privacy in the Age of Persistence.”  His thoughts on this broad topic range across a broad universe of information persistence.  It provides excellent context for the much more narrow issue that I wrote about.  It is another example of his superior writing skills…  For example:

"Data is the pollution of the information age.  It's a natural byproduct of every computer-mediated interaction.  It stays around forever, unless it's disposed of.  It is valuable when reused, but it must be done carefully.  Otherwise, its after effects are toxic."

— References —

“Facebook Claim to Content – Doom for Corporate Use?”

Bruce Schneier, “Privacy in the Age of Persistence.”


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